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Completed the Annapurna Circuit — the best long-distance trek in the world! 👊🏼

The Annapurna Himal Massif contains six prominent peaks over 7,200m (23,620ft) elevation and is home to the world’s 10th highest mountain — the mighty Annapurna I standing tall at 8,091m (26,545ft). Following is the Annapurna Himal Massif in stats:

  • Annapurna I Peak [8,091m/26,545ft] — Ranked 10th in the world.
  • Annapurna II Peak [7,937m/26,040ft] — Ranked 16th in the world.
  • Annapurna III Peak [7,555m/24,786ft] — Ranked 42nd in the world.
  • Annapurna IV Peak [7,525m/24,688ft]
  • Ganggapurna Peak [7,454m/24,455ft] — Ranked 59th in the world.
  • Annapurna South Peak [7,219m/23,684ft] — Ranked 101st in the world.
  • Thorung Peak [6,144m/20,157ft]

Annapurna Himal Massif’s Stats

*Source: All statistics provided by the Himalayan MapHouse, Kathmandu, Nepal.

The trip started on 15-Oct-2017 and ended on 31-Oct-2017 in Kathmandu, Nepal. Following is a brief summary of the Annapurna Circuit Trek and some kewl stats:

Time: 16 days
Distance: 175 km
Highest Point: 5,416 m (17,769 ft)


My iPhone Health Stats

Sunrise at Annapurna Himal Massif

And here is the detailed itinerary of my 16-day trek around the Annapurna Massive in the Himalayas, Nepal with all stop points and the respective elevation statistics:

  • Day 1 — Kathmandu [1,400m/4,593ft]
  • Day 2 — Jagat [1,300m/4,265ft]
  • Day 3 — Bagarchap [2,160m/7,086ft]
  • Day 4 — Chame [2,670m/8,759ft]
  • Day 5 — Lower Pisang [3,200m/10,498ft]
  • Day 6 — Manang [3,540m/11,614ft]
  • Day 7 — Manang [3,540m/11,614ft]
  • Day 8 — Yak Kharka [4,050m/13,287ft]
  • Day 9 — Thorung Phedi [4,450m/14,599ft]
  • Summit Day — Thorung La Pass [5,416m/17,769ft]
  • Day 10 — Muktinath [3,760m/12,335ft]
  • Day 11 — Ghasa [2,010m/6,594ft]
  • Day 12 — Tatopani [1,190m/3,904ft]
  • Day 13 — Sikha [1,935m/6,348ft]
  • Day 14 — Ghorepani [2,860m/9,383ft]
  • Summit Day — Poon Hill [3,193m/10,475ft]
  • Day 15 — Ramghaj [1,350m/4,429ft]
  • Day 16 — Pokhara [820m/2,690ft]
  • Day 17 — Kathmandu [1,400m/4,593ft]

Annapurna Circuit Trek Map




2 comments on “Annapurna Massif

  1. Rainie Jiang says:

    Did you realize… you are the “bright spot” in the first row?? But no worries, among all the crew you have the cutest hat!! #gobluehat

    How hard is the hike? (I know it’s such a general question but I want to know) Also what’s the biggest elevation you hiked up in one day? Do you actually carry O2 or any special supplies (other than regular hiking gears) with the crew? I guess the folks in the front row are the local guides – how did you find them?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Attenbôv says:

      Thank you Rainie! You are so sweet #always

      The hike was long certain days (20-25 km) and strenuous only during inclines and ascends, but you feel good after that, accomplished. The highest elevation was at Thorung La Pass [5,416m/17,769ft] and we didn’t need O2 or special gear because it is fall in Nepal. The pass closes for trekking during the winter, I believe. The crew with two guides and six porters were very helpful, especially with organizing local accommodation and meals at the guest houses.



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