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Spent the day feeding, bathing and mud-massaging six baby elephants outside Chiang Mai today. I felt in love with this adorable two-year old baby girl elephant whose mother has been in the elephant hospital for a few months. Her name is Lan Tong! I noticed her from far as she seemed very anxious and nervous around people. When we first met her she was uneasy and untrusting. As a true Leo, of course, I demanded her attention by relentlessly stalking her around and dedicating all of my time to her.

Eventually when bath time came and we went down the river, she could not resists the water and finally loosened up. I gently massaged her bumpy head and throughly scrubbed her chubby belly, then splashed her joyfully onto her face and her eyes. She was having a ball and was not afraid to show it! Literarily wanting more and more, coming closer and closer to me, and rubbing her head into my legs.

When our time was up, she joined the other five baby elephants on their way out of the river. When she saw me at the river bank, she came straight up to me and let me rubbed her head for a few more seconds. Felt like she was smiling at me — I was smitten! She could not only recognize me and finally warmed up to me, but now she was demanding my attention. It was such a beautiful moment and a great example of animal intelligence. Lan Tong is only 2 years old, but her emotional IQ is much higher than many people I’ve bumped into.

See, kindness transcends species and can touch any living soul #wisdom


Love at first sight!


Bath time


Time to get muddy


Bathing my girl — two-year old baby elephant Lan Tong


Spray me!




Thai mud massage


Work it, work it, work it


She’s coming!





6 comments on “Baby Elephants

  1. Denis says:

    What a fun time!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kim says:

    Love all of your post and pics. I’m so jealous and looks like trip is going well! Miss you my friend and keep sharing. Like this site better than FB. Xoxox

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Attenbôv says:

      Thank you Kimmy! You’re so sweet, always! Hope all is well, say hi to J and the boys #missU2


  3. Love to read this! Wished we could meet up again in Thailand. Once we are back home in 20 days (omg too soon!) we’re gonna look forward even more to your posts! Grtz M&V

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Attenbôv says:

      Ha! 🙂 Thanks guys! Hope you’re having an amazing time in Laos. I expect lots of selfies and recommendations #justsayin #hugs 🙏


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